ELECTRIC Latest News

By Hrushikesh Kotasthane March 26

Among all the automobile manufacturers of the world, Nissan has been one of the quickest to adapt to the future, with mainstream electric cars dotting its lineup along with hybrids...

By Hrushikesh Kotasthane March 23

At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, GFG Style presented a new electric supercar with advanced systems capable of harnessing non-conventional energy like solar and wind power.  (more…)

By Hrushikesh Kotasthane January 08

For the longest of times, Toyota has been confident about its own Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology and hybrids, opting to produce these over fully electric vehicles. With the tide turning...

By Vishal Anand September 09

They say history repeats itself, and how true is that in this case. First Launched in 1960s, the E-Type Roadster was much-admired by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car...

By Vishal Anand July 06

Volvo, the Scandinavian carmaker announced their commitment to gradually phase out internal combustion engines from their line-up. (more…)

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