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How Did Chevrolet Bolt EV Perform On a 1,750km Road Trip?

The 2018 Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) was flagged off on 18 Jan from Abu Dhabi. The total distance of this 9-day long road trip was over 1,750km covering various parts of the Middle East, and concluding on 26 Jan in Dubai. It had only electric vehicles to accomplish this task. One of those vehicles […]

UAE’s Top Premium SUVs For 2018

2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class This ‘big-daddy of them all’ Mercedes-Benz has to be on top of this list. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or the G-Wagon, is essentially a nearly half a century old design that has somehow managed to look the same while getting major updates under the skin with each passing generation. The top brass at […]

What Is Audi Abu Dhabi’s New Year VAT Campaign?

The recent implementation of 5% VAT has put many car buyers in a state of dilemma. People now have to again workout their budgets to buy the car they’ve always wanted. However, to make their lives a bit easier, Audi Abu Dhabi has decided to lend them a helping hand via its New Year VAT […]

A Jeep Smaller Than The Renegade?

Jeep has got a broad spectrum of products spread across the globe. The company is an expert when it comes to making some of the world’s best luxury SUVs with commendable off-road performance. At present, the Renegade is the smallest SUV in Jeep’s product catalogue. However, latest reports suggest that Jeep might be interested in […]

This is the Next Chevrolet SUV Coming to the UAE

The Chevrolet Tahoe RST was showcased at the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show. The response that it got from the audience was overwhelming. This made people at Chevrolet to come to a decision of launching it in the Middle East market.

UAE Drag Race: Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

Drag racing falls into a totally different category when it comes to motorsports. The vehicles are prepared accordingly to cover up the displacement (on a drag strip) as quickly as possible. Acceleration here plays a crucial role in winning. You must have seen many drag races, however, EVRT (Electric Vehicle Road Trip) is organising one […]

This Latest Car from Honda is Now Available in the UAE

It is almost the end of the first month of 2018, and Honda has got an all-new car for its customers in the UAE. It is the 2018 Honda Jazz, which has been officially launched by Al-Futtaim Honda. It’s available in only one trim – EX – and six colour options – White Orchid Pearl, […]

What Are General Motors’ Future Plans For The Middle East?

The automotive industry is rapidly moving towards an electric future. Many car makers have invested a very large sum of money to be ready for the future. Numerous minds are brainstorming only about electric vehicles. General Motors also is involved in this game and it revealed its future plans at the World Future Energy Conference.

Which is the First Company in the UAE to Order Tesla Semi Truck?

Tesla unveiled its Semi truck in Nov last year and impressed a whole bunch of people. The Semis haven’t been sent into the production yet, but certain companies are well aware of its value and excellence and hence have started booking some. Do you know which company in the UAE is the first one to […]

Is the All-New, 5th Generation Toyota Avalon Coming to the UAE?

Toyota Avalon is one of the favourite cars in the UAE market. And there might be some good news for the local Avalon fans, as Toyota has unveiled the all-new 2019 Avalon at the 2018 North America International Auto Show in Detroit. The new Avalon is based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture platform. Toyota has incorporated many […]

2018 Hankook 24H Dubai Race Comes to An End, Black Falcon Wins

The 13th edition of Hankook 24H Dubai has come to an end. It was a weekend filled with adrenaline for the fans and audience here at the Dubai Autodrome. The atmosphere at the venue was electrifying and the experience of witnessing high-performance cars racing to their extremes thrilling. The 2018 race has been won by […]

Dubai Police Fleet Gets A New Member: The Devel Sixty

Dubai Police is renowned all over the world for its frankly outrageous lineup of police cars that include exotics like the Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, LaFerrari, and a handful of AMGs including the mighty SLS, in addition to many more such supercars. Recently, the police force added a new patrolling vehicle to its lineup, raising […]

Porsche To Develop All-New Electric Supercar Platform

With the whole world making the shift to alternate power sources instead of the traditional fossil fuels, major firms are already in the race to come up with their own iterations of the EV. VW Group has now commissioned Porsche to build an all-electric supercar platform, to hit the streets post-2025.

Al-Futtaim Honda Announces Discount On Various Models

Al-Futtaim Honda the exclusive distributor of Honda cars, bikes, marine engines and power products in the UAE, is offering customers more value with savings up to AED 10,000 across selected models. So if you were looking to buy a Honda, well you’ve just got luckier.

BMW Sets New World Record of Longest Vehicle Drift

There are many reasons why a rear-wheel-drive car is better than a front-wheel-drive car. For me, one of those many reasons which purely makes me fall in love with RWD cars is the ability to drift. And whenever I imagine myself executing a perfect drift it’s always in BMW M powered car. No doubt BMW […]

Mercedes to Unveil 2019 G-Class At NAIAS Detroit 2018

The mighty Gelandewagen simply refuses to die. Mercedes-Benz is poised to unveil the new 2019 G-Class at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Detroit, scheduled between 14 and 28 January 2018.

239 Lucky Fans Watched Gulf Cup Final in Kuwait Thanks to Ali & Sons Audi

Ali & Sons Audi, the exclusive agents in Abu Dhabi for Audi, always try to find new innovative ways to interact with the community. We’ve witnessed them in the past being very active within the community through several CSR initiatives, offering their patrons unforgettable experiences. And they have done it once again.

Toyota Is Developing Solid-State Batteries For Electric Vehicles

For the longest of times, Toyota has been confident about its own Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology and hybrids, opting to produce these over fully electric vehicles. With the tide turning in favour of EVs, the Japanese giant has finally given in and promises to make ten new e-cars by the early 2020s.

What Does Mercedes-Benz Do In Winters?

It’s winters and everyone is taking things a bit easy. Some are going on vacations with family while others prefer being in front of an ‘idiot box’ in their living room near the fireplace watching their favourite TV series. However, things are odd at Mercedes-Benz. What does Mercedes-Benz do in winters? Well, they test cars.