Monthly Archives: October 2017

Are Sand Dunes A Problem? Get The Nissan Patrol Moreeb By Arctic Trucks

People who are living in the Middle East are well aware of the deserts around them. These deserts are of one of the prime tourist attractions of the region. Have you ever tried going on a Desert Safari here? It’s fun. But the sand dunes that the desert offers, sometimes prove to be tough to […]

VIDEO: Hennessey Releases A Teaser Video Of Its Venom F5

Hennessey, perhaps, not a familiar name to many. But people who are aware of it knows its weight and what it’s capable of. Well, to put things into perspective, the last in-house project of Hennessey gave birth to the Venom GT. It was the world’s fastest production car back then. Now, these guys are back […]

Spy Picture Of 2019 Jeep Cherokee

A new spy picture of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee has been revealed on the Internet. It seems that Jeep has gone with a more conventional design this time. The spy picture has been revealed by Auto Blog. It’s a picture of the front of the car. The test mule is heavily camouflaged and hence not […]

Meet Al Qubaisi Sisters; first female pro go-kart drivers in the UAE

Go-Karting is fun, isn’t it? People usually do it at weekends with friends and families just to break the monotony of their lives. They go to track, do a few laps, enjoy and then it’s back to normal. Well, it’s not the same case with everyone. Meet Al Qubaisi Sisters; first female pro go-kart drivers […]

More Pictures Of Mitsubishi e-Evolution, Details About AI

Last month, a teaser image of Mitsubishi e-Evolution was released to give the world a hint, what Mitsubishi has for us. Now, a couple of more pictures have been surfaced and it seems to be rather clear that the new e-Evolution would be an electric SUV.

Koenigsegg Puts Bugatti Into Dust, Sets New 0-400-0 Kph Record

It wasn’t long ago when the automotive industry, and the other part of the world, was cheering on the occasion of Bugatti Chiron setting an astonishing new world record of doing a 0-400-0 kph in just 42 seconds.

Ford Gets Serious About Electric Vehicles, Forms A New Team

Electric vehicles have become a trending topic these days and it seems to be inevitable that it is completely going to replace internal combustion engines in the future to come. While Elon Musk lead Tesla has already ahead in this game with its electric vehicles up and running on the streets, other manufacturers are yet […]